How to Advertise on Newsprex Forum

  • Are you looking for a place to advertise your products, goods and services in form of a "Sponsored post"? Are you looking for a way to reach new people and bring awareness to your brand or products? We got you covered.

    Newsprex is an online community forum that mainly based in providing user generated contents from default categories in the community. Each categories have their unique topics and contents. To advertise, we support textual with multimedia files like videos and audio.

    Here are what you can advertise on Newsprex Forum:

    1. You can advertise or boost a post or article you publish on the forum in order to reach more people.
    2. You can advertise your products, brands, services, and blogs or websites.
    3. You can promote advertorial video content.
    4. You can also promote article interview.
    5. And any legal things you want to promote.

    Basically, you can promote any goods and services you own. Be it from individuals, organizations, firms, and stores.

    How we advertise your products and services

    We advertise your products and services by pinning or sticking your "sponsored article or post" to the top of the forum category or homepage for an agreed period of time. This will, however, bring more awareness to your article.

    Meanwhile, you would have chosen the right category that fit your brand or product in order to target the right audience to your sponsored article.

    How to know the right audience for my sponsored article

    Surf through the forum categories, when you see the category that best fit your audience personal style, you should then proceed to boost an article on the category. This will give you more clicks, awareness and Return of Investment (ROI).

    How many sponsored post do we support in a category?

    We support only 3 sponsored posts in a category. When it's occupied, your sponsored post will be put on hold till an existing promoted article plan is over.

    How much does it cost to sponsor or promote a post?

    • It cost $50 to sponsor your post for a week (7 days).
    • It cost $100 to sponsor your post for a month (30 days).
    • If you decide to set your custom time, you will have to contact us personally.

    Note: Your sponsored post will forever remain on our server, we won't delete it, even if your plan expires. We will only unstick it from the top of of the category.

    What payment method do you support?

    We support PayPal and Bank transfer payment method. If you decide to use bank transfer method, you have to contact us personally.

    Choose the plan you need and subscribe:

    Sponsored post weekly subscription

    Sponsored post monthly subscription

    After you have made the payment, kindly send:

    • Your written Sponsored post link, and
    • PayPal Transaction ID (is 17-digit code)


    Send Us Email for successful payment, or for request to pay via Bank transfer. You can also email us for more questions.

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