About Us

  • Newsprex is a General (Multi-niche) Online Global Community Forum that aims to provide unique contents to users around the world. Be it Technology, Fashion, Education, Health and Fitness, Sports, Business, Entertainment, among others. Users are completely FREE to start their discussion. In fact, the contents are hundred percent generated by users on the forum.

    Newsprex Community was founded and launched on the 1st of September, 2018. Its sole aim is to gather people in Nigeria, and other places around the world to get updated with latest happenings in their environment and beyond.

    Specifically, our huge commitment is to offer the world the type of media that will guide, lead and advocate for the people, educate and nudge nations on the path of development and of course, social re-engineering.

    We are more focused in providing these services with the help of the users in the forum:

    • A user can comfortably seek for new jobs and find connections via the forum. At least, this will save the stress of scouting around offline companies without proper insight of their job specifications.

    • A user can share ideas about his or her new discovery and invention. Surely, it will highly improve users to get more ideas about their discovery for proper adjustment and for invention.

    Newsprex basically provide categories that suits users taste to have their fun, educate and entertain themselves by sharing their experiences.