• Precious Agbontan
    Since you have learnt the best platform for your blog, and how to create a blog on WordPress and blogger. The next step is to learn how to buy a domain name and connect to your blog.


    Using a domain name on your blog makes your blog looks more professional. Domain names are something like .com, .ng, .net, .org and among others. Who want to visit a blog that the URL is something like this "newsprex.blogspot.com.ng"? But if is short like this "newsprex.com", people will remember it easily.

    Benefits of using a domain name for your blog

    • It will make your blog look more professional.
    • It will make your blog readers to easily visit your website.
    • It will bring more traffics (I.e more people) which is equal to more money.
    • It will make people to trust you.
    • It will help your blog posts to appear easily on the top of Google search engine.
    • It will tell users the real meaning of your blog and what you are doing on the blog.

    Now that you know the usefulness of buying a domain name for your blog. Is time to think of the best domain name to use for your blog.

    How to know the best domain name for your blog

    Think of what you want to be writing about on your blog. Your niche, to be precise. Assuming you are writing on tailoring, you can choose "tailorng" as your domain name. These are the rules you should follow in choosing your domain name:

    • Make sure your domain name is short and concise. At least, 3-10 words are nice.
    • Make sure the domain name rhymes with what you are writing on your blog.
    • Do you add hashtags (#) or any character like (-,%,$,&,!,@,"...) on your domain name. Make it a word.
    • Do not add similey on your domain name like ®©.
    • Do not use any domain name that has porn related stuffs.

    When you follow these rules above, you will find your perfect domain name. However, since you have gotten your best domain name that fit your blog niche, the next option is to find its availability and then, buy it.

    How To Buy A Domain Name

    To buy a domain name, you need to find a domain provider. I recommend Namecheap. This domain name provider, provides a very cheap and affordable domain name without hidden charges.

    See why I recommend Namecheap...

    • No hidden charges.
    • Very affordable.
    • It's international, so you have to trust your domain with them.
    • And finally, that's where I bought Newsprex.com.

    To Buy A Domain Name:

    STEP 1: Go to Namecheap Website Via Here

    STEP 2: Then, type in your domain name in the box e.g Newsprexforum.com


    Note: I will advice you to use .com because people love it, and Google love it more. If your blog is all about business, you can use (.biz). If is an organization blog, you can use (.org). If is for networking, you can use (.net). I don't recommend other domain names, apart from .com, .net, .org and .biz.

    STEP 3: So, after entering your domain name. In the next page, you will be shown if the domain name is available or not. If is not available, kindly search another name that is available. But if the domain name is available, you will be shown the price.

    STEP 4: Since is available like this below. Kindly add it to cart by tapping on the icon like basket, where you will buy it.


    STEP 5: Once done, scroll down and click on "Confirm Order".


    STEP 6: In the next page, kindly create an account on Namecheap or login if you have an account before.

    STEP 7: In the next page, enter your payment details (Secure card, PayPal, or account fund) and click on "Pay Now".

    Now, that you have successfully purchased your domain name, you will want to connect it to your blog. This will enable users type the URL on their browser and it will enter your website.

    How To Connect Your Domain Name To Blogger

    STEP 1: Login your Blogger Blog, click on "Basics" and click on "+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog" under Blog Address. As shown below:


    STEP 2: Now, add the domain name which you have purchased like this (www.newsprex.com). Make sure it start with www and then, click on "Save".


    STEP 3: You will be given two CNAME records. Now, go to your Namecheap and login your account dashboard. Select the domain name by clicking on "Manage", and click on "Advanced DNS". As shown below:



    STEP 4: Now, click on "Add Record".

    STEP 5: Go to blogger and copy the CNAME Record. Then add it like this on your Namecheap new record:

    • Choose "CNAME" as record type.
    • Use "www" as host and point it to ghs.google.com
    • Leave other at default and save changes.


    Add another record again.

    STEP 6: Now that you have added those two important CNAME records. You have to add "A records". Google has four A records. This will help you point the domain name to your blog.

    The A records are:

    STEP 7: To add them, click on "Add record". And set it up like this:

    • Choose "A Record" as Record type.
    • Use "@" as host, and point it to the IP address above.

    As shown below:


    STEP 8: Add it one by one till you add them all. And finally, you have something like this below:


    Wow! You are done connecting your domain name to your Blogger Blog.

    How to confirm if the domain name is working on blogger

    STEP 1: Now, that you have added the four A records and 2 CNAMES. You can now go to your Blogger blog and click on "Save changes".

    STEP 2: Your domain name will be added without error or notice. You should make sure you enable "Redirect xxxx.com to www.xxxx.com". This will enable your www to redirect to the main domain name whenever anybody enters your website.

    STEP 3: Wait for 1 hour for it to propagate. Then, enter the domain name, it will go to your website.


    That's how to purchase and add your domain name to your Blogger or blogspot blog. It will definitely make your blog look more professional and trustworthy.

    Do you have any more questions, drop it below.
  • Emmanuel Mpa
    Nice tutorial. What of WordPress own?
  • Isidore
    I need to know more on WordPress from Scratch...
  • Precious Agbontan
    WordPress is a software that manages your content. It enables you create a website, or a blog.

    But you have to host the software. There are many hosting providers that will collect a token from you to help you host it.

    To learn how to create a website on WordPress. You can move over to our PART 2 blogging tutorial via https://newsprex.com/discussion/178/part-2-how-to-create-and-start-a-blog-on-wordpress-and-blogger

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