• Precious Agbontan
    With your pictures, you can earn more than N800 for free without performing any task in Nigeria, and worldwide.

    As I was still flexing the Dent app that gives free data, I came across an app that promised to pay for selling your pictures; which gave me doubt at first. However, I decided to apply and got a positive reward. That's why I have decided to share the way on Newsprex Forum.

    Kindly note that: The app does not require you to refer anyone, you only have to sell what you have to get what you need.

    Let me clear your doubt first. See the pictures of those that have been paid for selling their pictures:



    Now, let me go into more details about this app that keeps paying for photos uploaded by their users.

    The app is called "DRAAGU". It is a reputable company application that helps users sell their pictures or photos to big companies, individuals, firms, stores and their other clients.

    If you are the type that loves taking pictures of events, places, and people. You will surely make it big on the platform.

    How does it work?

    • When you download the Draagu mobile application on your Android phone from HERE.
    • Signup or register on the platform using any of the options available (Email or Facebook) and allow certain permissions.
    • Once done, tap on "REQUEST" tab on the Draagu app, check for available image requirements any company need, and upload to match their request.

    • After your image has match their request, they will select the best photos submitted, if yours is among, they will request for your PayPal or Bank details to transfer the money.

    How much for 1 image?

    The price will be tagged on the company's request detail, if is 2€ which is N800 in Nigeria, once your photo matches their request, you will be paid instantly. Meanwhile, you can also submit your photos on many companies request on the app to earn more. Additionally, price of image can go higher, even up to 56€, it depends on what the company want.

    What type of image do the company need?

    The image can be of any type. For example, see this photo below:


    Images downloaded from Google or from other websites won't be accepted. They need photos or pictures captured by you.

    What type of payment method do they support?

    They support PayPal, Bank Transfer and Western Union. Since PayPal doesn't support receiving money in Nigeria, you can use Bank transfer method of any type of bank.

    What type of camera is required to take the photos?

    You can use any type of camera. So far, the pictures are of high quality.

    How do I know if my image will match the company request?

    You would have seen their image requirements, and automatically, Draagu will also help you select the best photos from your phone gallery that matches the company's request.

    How about my privacy?

    Your privacy is 100% secured. Your photos won't be visible to any of the company, till you decide to upload them yourself.

    What will the companies do with my photos?

    The company will use the photos for adverts and other stuffs. Moreover, the pictures does not have to be your personal or sensitive information.

    If you have any more questions, kindly ask them in the comment section below for instant answer.
  • kingsley
    just downloaded the app but must it be my personal pictures
  • Precious Agbontan
    No, you can upload nature, street, events, and others, based on the company's requirement. They don't need your personal photo. If by chance they need it, you can leave it, and go for other company requests that don't require your personal photo.
  • Michael Peter
    does the app work on iPad?
  • Precious Agbontan
    Not yet bro. Is still loading for iPad.
  • Jasperfide
    Yes ooo, the app has been existing since and working fine. the only p is that before they select ur pic and reward u...

    https://www.mrjef.com/mtn-mpluse-cheat-2018-2/ - I also browse for free here
  • Rupesco
    Is it still working?
  • Emmanuel Mpa
    Only 1 of my pictures have been approved. Thanks.
  • Jahsplan
    How can I get pay?
  • Precious Agbontan
    Via PayPal and Bank Transfer.
  • Tony Bassey
    am using tecno f1... and it doesn't support my phone
  • Tony Bassey
    am using version 8.1 OREO
  • Precious Agbontan
    Maybe is not just compatible with it. Download it in supported Android phone.
  • Samuel Iweila
    Awesome... One of my pictures just got accepted but yet to be paid.
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