• Precious Agbontan
    I can attest to the fact that I got a whopping N6,000 from NGIncome and I know you can do better than me. The first time I got money from a program.

    Naturally, I don't like joining programs until I get enough proofs and verifications. But who want to wait till eternity to be looking for proofs while people on the program are sending enough proofs like rain? In fact, nobody does that anymore in this Buhari era.

    So, as I was scrolling and digging through some pages on the internet as usual, I came across NGIncome website and I decided to try it out and voilĂ ! I got a positive result.

    Normally, I hate to join the program that is very popular. For example, NNU is populated and it will be very competitive to get a single refferal to the website. So, that's why I decided to look for a website that is not overpopulated.

    Now that I have gotten the website and I have successfully verified the website that is paying well, I have also decided to bring people along in order for them to benefit from this. But first, this is my screenshot of the N6,200:


    These are the screenshots of the people who withdrawed from the site:


    And these are the top earners of the website:


    I pray I reach there one day, and I also pray for you as well.

    How Does NGIncome Works?

    It is a program that pays users for the activities done on the website. Many people are into this game and I think many of you would have know about it, but however, NGIncome system is different because is more cheaper.

    How Can I Earn From The Website?

    1. When you login daily on the website, you get N50 for that day. Assuming you login for 6 days, that is a whopping N300.

    2. You will get N100 for any interesting topic you create that the admin approved.

    3. You get N100 if you share sponsored and quality post to Twitter and other places you know.

    4. You earn N5 for any question you get correctly on the quiz programme.

    5. When you refer someone into the site with a link the site will give you, you will get a whopping N500 for each person.

    6. When you read today's post, even without comment, you get N5 and above depending on daily AD revenue.

    These are the ways to earn money on the site. Instead of you to keep quiet at home doing nothing, or waiting for admission into school. You can commit to this system and make money. If you are a housewife or you are jobless for now, you can join the program and make enough money for start-up.

    How Can I Join This Program?

    People pressured me to join this program but now, I'm now pressuring people to join it because it brought a positive result.

    To join the program, you only have to pay N1,100 through bank transfer and when confirm the payment. They will activate your pending account and you will start making money.

    Where Can I Join?

    You can join the NGIncome program via HERE.

    (This is my refferal link, you too will also get reward if you use it for registration).

    Choose "Paystack" as payment method and that's all.

    After you have joined, you can then take part in the website activities...and earn.

    How Can I Withdraw My Money From NGIncome?

    You must have at least 2 people you reffered from your affiliate link before you can withdraw your earnings. After that, you can then request your earnings and withdraw it to your bank account.

    Make sure you drop your result in the comment below... Any issue, drop it below, I'm fully ready to answer all.
  • Victoroche
    Is it every week I will refer people before I earn or it a one time referral
  • Destinyamakri
    Tanx boss
    Pls type in de site link
    De one u post is not opening
  • Precious Agbontan
    You can refer at any time.

    But you need only two refferals to withdraw all your money.

    Assuming you make N100,000 you need one-time refferal to withdraw it.

    If you make 2k, same time.
  • Abdulkabir01
    Oga Precious, thanks for sharing this info. But I'd like to ask if you were actually paid all your money(the total money earned from referral and other activities). Assuming you earned 1000 from referral and only 5200 from other activities. Are you saying, the total 6200 Will be paid without nothing left in the account? or they will only pay some percentage of the total earning. Thank you.
  • Precious Agbontan
    Everything will be paid. No leftover. No residual.
  • Samuel Iweila
    I got paid N3,000. I think that's the minimum limit.

    I referred 3 people and gave them 4 logins and view many articles. I didn't comment but earn a lot.
  • sleek
    Please when I refer someone with a link
    And he/she actually clicked the link without registring
    Are my going to be paid for the referal?
  • Precious Agbontan
    No, till the person make a successful payment.
  • sleek
    After refaring lyk 2 persons dis week den I withdraw
    Are my going to refer 2persons again b4 withdrawal
  • sleek
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