• Samuel Iweila
    November 16, 2018
    I love updating free ways to get data on this forum. Previously, I updated the MPulse which plans was later reduced and the MTN 0.0KB which has become 50MB data.

    But today, I have come with new unique ways to get free data. You don't have to waste your money buying data from every recharge card vendors, an app has been programmed to help you, and the app name is called DENT.

    How Does DENT Works?

    When you refer a friend to the app, you and the friend gets N255 instantly. You can then use the FREE money to buy data plans from the app.

    How Can I Join?

    STEP 1: To join DENT, follow HERE. (Both of us will earn free N255).


    STEP 2: Register your mobile number on the app which is the number DENT will use to cashout data to you.


    STEP 3: Then, get your referrals link and start referring friends to get data.


    How Can I Withdraw?

    You cannot withdraw it. You will use it to buy data plans of any network from the app. MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel are all supported.


    How do you see the app? If you have any other questions, drop it below.
  • Precious Agbontan
    November 15, 2018
    Newsprex Forum now have an app on Playstore that will allow users stay updated to every discussions on this forum.

    Basically, Newsprex Forum is a community where you can easily "start your discussion" or post your articles for other people to share their experience as a form of comment.

    For example, you can ask questions like:

    Question: How can I fix my hot 5 smartphone screen?

    And another user will come to answer the question, saying;

    Answer: To fix your Hot 5 smartphone screen, kindly clean it with soft and clean water or change the screen in any nearest phone repairers shop.

    And moreover, If you are here for Business, Romance, School And Education, Religion, Science And Technology, Beauty, Sports, Health, Politics, and other stuffs. You can always get our Android mobile app for easier experience.

    Functions Of Newsprex App

    • Help you stay updated to latest Nigeria and other related countries news.
    • You will get instant notifications of any latest browsing cheats or updates on the app.
    • It provides clean experience for mobile users.
    • It helps you stay tuned without wandering away.
    • There's no advert on the app.
    • No Bugs.
    • The app size is just 2.95MB. Very small.

    Screenshots Of The App User Interface

    The app sidebar view:


    The app category view:


    The App Notifications:


    Where Can I Download Newsprex Forum App?

    Newsprex app is available on Playstore, you can easily download it via HERE. After download, register an account and start to create your articles or ask questions in the forum for instant answers and solutions. Or you can engage in any discussion or thread opened by another user.

    On Playstore, make sure you give us 5-star Rating. Thanks.
  • Samuel Iweila
    November 9, 2018
    MTN angrily reduced the banging MPulse data plans, after they discovered that they can't block the cheat.


    For more updates, join Telegram group via HERE.

    Reasons why they can't block the cheat are:

    1. They have overhyped MPulse tariff plan. It's their tariff plan for children to learn. They can't suddenly lock up the data when millions are on it.

    2. Our CONFIG files are locked. They can't access the host or know what exactly we are using to suck the data plan. And if they were lucky to have gotten the host, they won't be able to lock it because that's where children surf with their MPulse data.

    This made them reduce the data of the cheat than to finally block it. Since the data plan volume has been reduced to money-sucking plans, they know people will start leaving the plan, and hence, the cheat will stop.

    However, there are alternative plans for some "selected people", which means they cannot work for everyone but the lucky ones won't have to use a VPN or any Config file for activation or boosting. The data works smoothly!

    Before you subscribe, make sure you check your eligibility by buying the data plan first with an empty balance. If it says, "insufficient balance", it means you are eligible. Or simply dial *559*65# to check eligibility.

    The data plan is also for everyone. To make sure you are eligible, make sure your SIM have not been used to make call for 30 - 180 days.

    • To activate, dial *131*65# USSD code.
    • And select the data plan of your choice: 250MB for N100 (3 days validity), 1GB for N200 (7 days validity and finally, 4GB for N1000 (30 days validity).
    • Proceed to subscribe.


    Does it work for you, share your experience in the comment below to encourage and motivate others in sharing theirs.
  • Precious Agbontan
    November 6, 2018
    You can now learn how to create your own SSH account for Newsprex VPN generated CONFIG files. The speed of a CONFIG file actually depends on an SSH account, that's why people complained of low speed whenever a CONFIG file has stayed up to 3 days.

    NOTE: Join our telegram group for more updates via HERE for more updates.

    So, in this article, you will be acquainted and lectured on how to create your own SSH account for Newsprex VPN CONFIG files. This will enable you boost the speed of your VPN without any disturbance from other neighbours.

    For more clarification, is better you use your own SSH account than depending on Newsprex to release new CONFIG files on daily basis.

    However, there are many websites that can allow you create your own SSH account, and they are:

    STEP 1: To create an SSH account, go to any of those websites above and create an account on any region of your choice, it can Europe, Asia and any.

    STEP 2: After you have successfully created an account, you will be given these details below:

    • Host
    • Port
    • Username
    • Password

    As shown below:


    Now, these details are important.

    STEP 3: Download our CONFIG files below for these VPNs:

    You must be a registered member of this Forum to download these files without error.

    For MTN 0.0KB:

    • For Spark VPN (.SVC) via here.
    • For HTTP Injector VPN (.EHI) via here.
    • For Eproxy VPN (.EPRO) via here
    • For KPN VPN (.KTR) via here.

    For MTN MTN MPulse data:

    • For Spark VPN (.SVC) via here.
    • For HTTP Injector VPN (.EHI) via here.
    • For Eproxy VPN (.EPRO) via here.
    • For KPN VPN (.KTR) via here.

    Then, after you have successfully downloaded the CONFIG files, kindly import them to the VPN app you want to use.

    Note: To import means, you should locate the CONFIG file you have downloaded on your VPN file manager.

    How To Input The SSH Account In The VPN

    After you have created an SSH account, and you have imported our CONFIG files to the VPN app of your choice, then you have to finally input the SSH account on your VPN app.

    To input the SSH account on:


    Open the app, tap on the "person icon" on the top of the screen, as shown below:


    And on the next page, change the settings of the HOST, USERNAME and PASSWORD to your own SSH account details. As shown below:


    Then, connect and enjoy!

    On HTTP Injector VPN:

    Tap on the "Settings Icon" at the top of the screen and on the next page. As shown below:


    And change the settings of the HOST, USERNAME and PASSWORD to your own SSH account details. As shown below:


    Connect and enjoy!

    On Eproxy VPN:

    Tap on the sidebar navigation and tap on "SSH Configuration" as shown below:


    And on the next page, change the settings of the HOST, USERNAME and PASSWORD to your own SSH account details. As shown below:


    Connect and enjoy!

    On KPN VPN:

    Tap on the button like "musical string" on the top of the VPN and tap on "SSH Tunnel". As shown below:


    And on the next page, change the settings of the HOST, USERNAME and PASSWORD to your own SSH account details. As shown below:


    Connect and enjoy!

    Watch video below:


    This will enable you to use your own SSH account without depending on the admin to produce CONFIG files everyday. Is as if you leave a rented apartment where you and others will be congesting a server to your own personal house that is free of disturbance.

    So, if you have any question, kindly ask and I will answer as fast as possible. Thanks
  • Samuel Iweila
    November 4, 2018
    An app has been unleashed with the ability to power your mobile apps without creating an SSH account or importing a CONFIG file. The VPN app name is "Samsung Max".

    For New cheats and updates, why not join Newsprex Telegram group via HERE. — Newsprex Forum

    Naturally, the VPN app is designed for saving data from apps but however, the new feature now helps you to automatically connect and power your MPulse data in barely 3 seconds speed. I think this is a great innovation.

    So, if you have been struggling to connect your MPulse data, you have gotten your freedom. Samsung Max VPN App is highly recommended for you.

    How To Connect Samsung Max To MPulse Data

    STEP 1: Firstly, download the Samsung Max VPN app via HERE (11MB).
    NOTE: You must be a registered member of this forum to download it successfully without any error. Create an account here.

    STEP 2: Make sure you have Mpulse data, check your balance by dialling *559*93# or subscribe to a new MPulse data by dialling *344*2*1#.

    STEP 3: Once done, launch the Samsung Max VPN App and toggle the "Mobile Data Saving Mode" and also enable the "Privacy Protection".


    STEP 4: Now, go back and you will see a "key" on your phone's status bar indicating that your VPN has successfully connected.


    Enjoy while you still can! If you encounter any issue, kindly drop it below thanks.

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