• Precious Agbontan
    September 10, 2018
    In my previous tutorial, I wrote explicitly on how you can select the best platform for your blog, and how to start or kickstart your website. Since you can now create a WordPress or blogger blog, the next step is to know the purpose and reasons why you want to blog.


    After creating a blog, your next questions should probably look like these:

    • What's the purpose of my blog?
    • Why I'm I blogging?
    • What blogging niche do people love best?
    • Which niche will bring more money and traffics to my blog?
    • How can I build audience with my niche?
    • And many more related questions.

    You know what, selecting or choosing the best niche for your blog firmly based on your passion. How passionate are you about the niche you are about to write on? How much do you love what you want to blog about? Because "MR Ajayi" is blogging about entertainment and he is making it big, you too want to join the league. You may fail.

    The plain fact is that, all niches are good and they all bring solid income and members. Just that some niche are not popular, while some are popular, but you can make it popular and gain authority over it.

    The main important thing required is that, how passionate are you about the niche. Can you write topics on the niche without copying someone else's work? Can you answer your members questions without querying Google? If you can do all these, that means you can gather all members that loves that niche around the world.

    Looking for a blog perfect niche, is like finding your inner talent. Well, it can be a daunting and onerous task at first, but as time goes on, if the niche is relevant enough, you will see success.

    Examples of Niche

    • Technology
    • Entertainment
    • Religion
    • Travel
    • Religion
    • Beauty
    • And many more.

    Examples In Finding A Niche For Your Blog

    Assuming you decide to go for technology blog, you should note that there are many niches inside technology because technology is the general name. There are:

    Tutorial Tech Niche: This type of technology blog, mainly focuses in providing complete tutorial on how to solve a problem. For a person to select this niche, you need to have a complete knowledge of what you are writing about. You don't have to update frequently, because you have to make research and put more energy in one article. Moreover, you can make a lot of money from this niche but is slow to grow members.

    Review Tech Niche: In this niche, you have to be writing about products, like mobile phone, laptop, antivirus, and many reviews about gadgets and other appliances that relates to technology. You need to have sound knowledge about the product you are reviewing in order to entice your members to the post. You can make a whole lot of money from this niche.

    News Tech Niche: This technology niche, requires your blog to be an early tech news breaker. You have to update frequently in order to gain authority, and your contents needs to be unique. Members also love this type of tech blog niche.

    What Can I Do To Find My Perfect Niche?

    • What do you love to do most? What were you known for in school or in organizations? Pick a topic you love most. Assuming, you love to fix people's phones in real life, you can start fixing phones from your blog. Since you love the topic, you won't lose interest on it.

    • Second step is that, you should make sure the niche you choose is profitable in order to enable you earn good income. You cannot just wake up and say, you want to blog about "pampers". Hey! Do you want to read your blog by yourself? Lolzzz.

    • Third step is to check the competition. How many bloggers are already on the niche. If people are too many on the niche, and you see that you can't outrank them or you don't have enough money or resources for advertisement and others, kindly choose another niche that has smaller competition. Otherwise, you might regret. You will spend money, and waste your time in vain.

    I have find my niche, what next?

    Now that you've find your perfect niche, you should start writing exceptional and quality articles that will attract members or audience that love that niche. Do not copy contents or articles from other blogs, be unique in everything. Those quality articles, will make you stand out among your competitors. How want to read what they have read on another blog? Is will rather stick to the blog that provide the article first.

    It may take a while before people will start recognizing your blog for that niche, do not hurry, be patient, try to drive traffics to the blog.


    Finding the perfect niche for your blog all depends on you because according to one of the psychological theories, it says;
    "human minds are unpredictable and uncertain"
    . I can't predict what you love most because is only you that loves that, I can only give you a verified and empirical suggestions on what will make you succeed after finding your best niche.

    Now that you have find your niche, in my next tutorial, I will be treating on how to add domain name like .com, .net, or (e.g newsprex.com) to your website. This will help you kickstart your website after finding your best niche.

    Are you still having problem choosing the best niche that fit your blog or passion, kindly ask more questions below for instant answer.
  • Precious Agbontan
    September 7, 2018
    I love how people interacted with my previous tutorial on how to choose the best platform for blogging. In case you missed my previous tutorial, I think I will have to give a summary of it.

    Summary of my previous blogging tutorial:
    WordPress Platform is expensive to use but has all the features you need in a website, while blogger (aka blogspot) is free to use but has limited features to build a professional blog. Meanwhile, your passion can make you succeed on blogger.Precious Agbontan


    Now, that you know the best platform to start your blogging career, you can then proceed to learn how to create a blog or website on it. I will be teaching you guys on how to create and start a blog on WordPress, and Blogger platforms today.

    How To Create A Blog On Blogger

    • It's easy and simple to create a blog on blogger platform. Firstly, go to https://blogger.com.
    • Once you get there, you will be asked to "confirm your profile: by using either 'Google + account' or "Limited Blogger Profile". I highly recommend you to use Google+ account.
    • Now, create a Google+ account. Once you are done, you will be redirected back to blogger, kindly click on "Continue to Blogger".


    • Now, welcome to blogger. Kindly click on "Create New Blog".

    Setting Up Your Blog On Blogger

    After clicking on "Create New Blog", kindly enter your details like this:

    • TITLE: This is the title of your new blog. For example, write: "Newsprex Forum".
    • ADDRESS: This is the website URL of your new blog, it is what people will use to enter your blog. For example, write: "newsprex.blogspot.com". If your website address is already used by someone, try another name.

    Note: "newsprex" for example is your domain name, while ".blogspot.com" is your subdomain name. You must add the subdomain. I will teach you in my next tutorial on how to make it like this "newsprex.com". Make sure you use your domain name address, do not use "newsprex", because I just use it as example.

    • After writing your domain name address, then. choose any of the theme or template that you love from the list. Make sure the theme fit what you want to write about.


    • Once done, click on "Create Blog". Now you have successfully created a blog on blogger or blogspot platform.

    How To Create A Blog On WordPress

    Is also easy to create blog on WordPress but you have to know what you are doing. Moreover, there are two WordPress websites which are: WordPress.org and WordPress.com and some people don't actually know their difference. I will explain it in a layman way before I proceed, because is important.

    WordPress.org is a website where the WordPress software is uploaded on. People can visit the website and download the software for free and host it. The software is free to download and after hosting the software, you will get your blog or website.

    While WordPress.com is a website where you can easily host the WordPress software. Meanwhile, you can easily create a WordPress website on WordPress.com because is already hosted for you. If you create your website on WordPress.com, people will help you manage it while you pay for the upgrades.

    Don't you want to own your property by yourself? Don't you want to be free from people's policies? Don't you want to have your house and build your blog without any disturbance? Then, you have to host the WordPress software by yourself.

    There are a lot of hosting providers who will want you to host the WordPress software on their server for a token. I will name just one of them over here. In my next tutorial, I will give a clean and explicit details and review about them.

    Best hosting provider that can help you host your WordPress Software is: "Hostinger". I recommend it because is cheap and very fast to use. Just one-click, you can install the WordPress software.

    Why Do I Recommend Hostinger?

    • Is fast and reliable.
    • Is one of the best leading website hosting provider in the world.
    • Free domain. You don't have to suffer and pay another money to buy domain name.
    • Free SSL. Your site is highly secured and you don't have to pay for SSL.
    • It's affordable and cheap.

    You can buy your hosting space from Hostinger Via Here. It cost $0.80 (up to N300) per month and you are required to pay for 3 months which is $2.40 (up to N900).

    Note: If you don't know how to buy it, kindly drop your comment, I will assist you.

    After you have successfully purchased it, now login to your Hostinger control panel and install WordPress software as they will instruct you. It's just one-click and you are done.

    How To Purchase And Create A WordPress Blog On Hostinger

    • Go to Hostinger Hosting Website via here, and click on "GET STARTED NOW" to choose the basic and smallest plan. It will be added to cart.
    • Then, scroll down and click on "CHECKOUT NOW".


    • Now, leave the payment method to credit card (MasterCard, Visa...), and create an account on Hostinger in the next page.
    • After creating your account, you will be asked to go to your email and verify your account. You will see a link from Hostinger in your email to verify the account.
    • After the verification, login to your Hostinger account and click on "Check Your Order".
    • Now, select "MasterCard, Visa..." As your payment method.
    • In the next page, you are to pay for the hosting with your ATM (credit card), this is how to:

    Note: Make sure your ATM is MasterCard, and Visa. Please, do not use Verve. Payment is 100% secured, do not be afraid.

    • Enter the ATM number which is 15 or 16 digits at the front of the card.
    • Enter the ATM Expiring date (month and year).
    • In the CVV, check the back of your ATM card, there is 3-4 digits code, kindly insert it.
    • Now, click on "PAY NOW" and immediately, you will be debited the agreed amount.


    Now, your cpanel and hosting details will be sent to the email you used in registering the Hostinger account.

    Note: Your Cpanel is where you will be able manage and edit your website or blog server.

    How To Install WordPress Software On Hostinger Cpanel To Start A Blog

    Let’s start with the simplest and fastest way to install WordPress – Hostinger auto installer. The steps below show how to install WordPress on Hostinger control panel:

    • Access Hostinger control panel.
    • Locate Auto Installer and open it.
    • Enter WordPress in the search field and click on its icon.

    Now fill in website details:

    • URL – The URL where WordPress should be installed. If you want to install it on root domain name (example.com) then leave it empty.
    • Language – Choose WordPress language.
    • Administrator Username – Your WordPress admin username. You will use it to access WordPress admin area.
    • Administrator Password – Your WordPress admin password. You will use it to access WordPress admin area.
    • Administrator Email – Enter your email address.
    • Website Title – The title of your WordPress website.
    • Website Tagline – A short sentence explaining what your website is about.
    • Press Install button.


    This is just the basic step in creating a blog on WordPress and Blogger platforms. In my next tutorial, I will write on how to select the best niche for your blog.

    Do you have any question, kindly drop it in the comment section below. I will give you a quick instant solution.
  • Precious Agbontan
    September 6, 2018
    I earlier promised to kickstart a program where I will be able to lecture young minds who are ready to start a blog. The main purpose of the program was to help them know, comprehend and get acquainted on every details in running a quality blog that will fetch massive income on daily basis, depending on their perseverance and consistency.

    Now, I have successfully launched the program, and few people turned out and I believe as we proceed, more people will turn out and join the program to benefit. Your support is however needed to make people get aware of this program. Sharing this article to your friends on social media and families is enough.

    However, before you start a blog, your first plan is to find a good and suitable platform, where you will be able to run your blog effectively. There are numerous platforms out there but I will list the most effective and quality platforms that will hold your blog forever without going extinct.


    1. BLOGGER - This platform is owned by Google. It's totally free to run your blog on this platform, as in, you don't have to pay for anything or resources you use. The platform is recommended for a newbie who want to learn blogging.

    Advantages of Blogger

    • All resources are totally free.
    • It's highly secured and protected by Google. You don't have to worry about protecting your blog or managing your sever.
    • All features are simple and easy to use.

    Disadvantages of using Blogger

    • It's services are owned by Google. If you violate their policies, your blog might be deleted without your notice. So, you don't own your blog.
    • You only perform limited tasks on blogger. You cannot extend your limit to create a full fledged website of any type.
    • Templates are limited as well. Non-official blogger templates are also available but are of low quality and are not professional.
    • You cannot upload music, games, and PDF files to it, but you can upload videos and photos.

    NOTE: If you don't have money to pay for hosting space, you can decide to use this platform to start a blog, but kindly note that it's services are limited.

    2. WORDPRESS: This platform is highly recommended for those who want to pay for what they need. The software is free but you have to pay for the host. There are lots of hosting providers who are willing to provide room for you to host the WordPress software for a token.

    Basically, you have to pay for the resources you are using, such as: hosting space, memory, uploads and other things, depending on the hosting plan you are using.

    Advantages of WordPress

    • You own your website and you have the right to do anything you wish. You can decide to upload anything on the website without thinking twice.
    • There are a lot of plugins (already made tools) that will help you setup your website without touching unnecessary codes.
    • You can extend your blog limit by adding a forum, or adding e-commerce. You can decide to design it as you like. It doesn't have limit. You decide the limit.
    • There are beautiful free and paid templates that will give your website a premium and professional look.
    • You can decide to import your contents to another platform easily on the platform without loosing your SEO and other things that will run down your blog.
    • You can upload any type of file on the platform, like music, videos, games, and any multimedia files.
    • You have all the supports you need.

    Disadvantages of WordPress

    • It's quite secured, but you are responsible for backups and server maintenance. If you're careless to do this, it can provide a loop for hackers to knock down your website. Though, plugins are available to help you do those basic stuffs.
    • It's expensive to run and manage.

    3. GHOST - This platform is like WordPress, I will call it "Semi-Wordpress" but it's made of node.js, which made the speed extra ordinary. You can start a blog on the platform but you cannot run a full website features on it. It's also expensive to run.


    These are the three quality website platforms that I highly recommend for both upcoming and advanced bloggers to use for their website. They will provide you with all the support and services you need to start and run your blog effectively.

    If you have any more questions, kindly ask in the comment section below. If the question is not related to this article, kindly start a new discussion via here.

    Drop your questions below.
  • Precious Agbontan
    September 4, 2018
    Newsprex is a multiniche forum where everyone can start a discussion of any type of topic and discussion about latest happenings around him or her. Sometimes, you seek instant solution.

    To create a topic on Newsprex Forum, kindly select the right "Category" that best fit your question and click on "New Discussion" at the right upper sidebar. As shown below:


    Then, write your question or article and tap on "Post Discussion" to publish it, or tap on "Preview" to see what you have written before you publish.

    Some Basic Functions You Have To Know

    You can make use of the basic functions on the writing dashboard to start an article. To add images, bold a text, quote a text, add videos, use #hashtag, quote from Twitter, add link, upload file, use emojis and use list.


    What Type Of Topic Can I Create?

    You can create a topic of any type in the right category of the forum. See the categories to start now. Moreover, Newsprex Forum community contents focused on Business, Entertainment, Relationship and advice, Technology, Education, Fashion and many others.

    What Other Topics Can I Create?

    You can start a poll where you have to ask people to cast their votes. You can also ask questions to seek advice from members of the forum.

    You can drop more questions in the comment section below.
  • Precious Agbontan
    September 1, 2018
    I bought the SuperClick theme for $49 (up to N18,000) from ThemeCountry but the company refused to refund my money due to its policy. I got angry and I have decided to share the theme for free to all Newsprex Forum members to implement on their respective WordPress website.


    SuperClick is a Wordpress Premium theme that helps your website to make more money with Adsense more than ever. The design focus on ads-optimizing which help to make Adsense on your website stands out and get more clicks.

    It is also very fast loading and comes with very flexible theme option which you can customize color, fonts and layout easily from the theme option. Also add Adsense to your website in less than 2 minute with the very easy to use ads management section in theme option.

    Main Features of SuperClick Theme

    • Simple Design.
    • Flexible Theme Option.
    • One Theme and two different possibilities.
    • Lightning Fast Loading.
    • Responsive Layout.
    • SEO Optimized.
    • Social Media Optimized.

    See the Live Demo via http://themecountry.com/demo?theme=Superclick

    How to install

    • Download the below Theme Files.
    • Go to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Upload.
    • Upload the Theme ZIP file.
    • Activate the theme.

    Note: You must have an account on Newsprex Forum before you can download it.

    Share your experience about the theme in the comment section below.

Welcome to Newsprex Forum!

Newsprex is an online Global Community Forum where you can start your discussion on latest happenings around the world, but mainly focus in Nigeria. Entertainment, Business, Education, Fashion, Technology, Religion, Politics, Relationship, and Sports. Moreover, you are "FREE" to start discussions for others to contribute and share their experiences.