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Are you looking for a portable and most reliable place to startup, promote your goods and services to thousands of people around the world in form of article? You are definitely at the right place to put that into action and to reach the world with your sponsored post which also includes Contact, Images of the product(s) and Video clips.

Through the means of sponsored post we promote business, company product and services, individuals, organizations, firm stores and articles written by the company or by our article experts.

What’s a Sponsored Post?

A sponsored post, also known as a promoted post, is a post to any community-driven notification-oriented website which is explicitly sponsored as an advertisement by a particular company in order to draw a large amount of popularity through user promotion and moderation to the most active or most viewed page on the website.

This type of post can be used in promoting a business, brand and sponsored post are in form of:

  • Video content
  • Article
  • Press release
  • Advertorial
  • And others.

Honestly, sponsored post can help your business a lot especially in getting more visibility and of course, winning more rank from search.

Sponsoring your products or business here on Newsprex will help you more as the article will be permanently available on this website, pass along our newsletters and it will be available on Google search engine after it’s been published because our SEO experts will use keyword associated with your business, and your product keywords will also be used to expose your sponsored post all around the world.

Type of Sponsored Post We Accept

We do not accept sponsored post that are deceptive, especially the ones that contains illegal contents. You should also note that your sponsored article will first be reviewed before payment.

Price of A Sponsored Post

Sponsored post of $50 (2 hours on our homepage). (Basic)

Sponsored post of $100 (Will be shared on social media, 5 Days on homepage big carousel and shared to newsletters. (Pro)

Sponsored post of $150 (Will be shared on social media, 30 days on homepage (big and small carousel and shared to newsletters) (Premium)

Sponsored post of $300 (Will be shared on social media, SEO optimized, 5 months on Big and small carousel homepage, Pinned to the top of articles for more visibility, Shared to newsletters, can be written by our experts to suite your taste or by yourself).

Payment methods

We accept payments via bank/wire transfer, mobile transfer and online transfer.

How To Start The Promotion

To promote your brands and business, kindly message us via and we’ll review your sponsored post. After that, we can now provide you our bank details for the transfer and within 30 minutes, your sponsored post will be published successfully on this website ( Nevertheless, the promotion duration based on your selected plan.

Thanks! We will be happy to receive your Sponsored post very soon, be it video or article and any other things.


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